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"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light to my path."

Psalms 119:105 - KJV


  • WE BELIEVE that God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient, and that He indwells those for whom the kingdom is prepared.

  • WE BELIEVE in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, and that He lived, suffered, and died for our pardon. That He did rise up the third day morning with all power in his hand.

  • WE BELIEVE that He ascended on high, and is preparing a place for us, that where He is, we shall one day reign with him.

  • WE BELIEVE that by faith the world was spoken into existence, and that by the word of God all things exist, and that in Him we live, move, and have our being.

  • WE BELIEVE by faith in the Holy Trinity, and through faith, belief in God, with confession of sins, and baptism of water and the Holy Ghost that we hereby establish our faith.

  • WE BELIEVE in Heaven and Hell.


The Evangelical Fellowship Center was founded in September of 1983.  Several believers in Christ met at the Newkirks' home on Smith Street in Mount Olive, North Carolina.  Election of officers were held and Elderess Lula Newkirk was named president, Rev. Dorothy McDaniel, treasurer, Bobbie Ammons, Secretary, Edward Cornell Newkirk, Sr., Della Hart and John Hart named as advisers.  The committee met regularly for several months and sponsored revivals and worship services, which were held in the old Community Center building.  The committee soon felt led to elect a seventh member, Elder Curtis Lee, who agreed to serve as Overseer.  As Dr. Lee began teaching God’s Word throughout the Mount Olive community, many signs and wonders followed.  People were saved and filled with the Holy Spirit.  Thereafter, Dr. Lee and a group of followers decided it was time to make the necessary steps in establishing a church.  Finally, Evangelical Fellowship Center was born.


By God’s grace, a building was purchased in 1985.  It was an old Chevrolet dealership that needed renovations but God placed key brothers and sisters in Christ together to assist with the vision.  Once all requirements were met, Evangelical Fellowship Center held its first worship service January 1986.God has blessed the ministry significantly over the years.  Many souls have been saved, infirmities healed, situations delivered, more understanding of God’s Word…and we’re just getting started!


Dr. Curtis G. Lee was born in Mount Olive, NC to the late Lonnie and Pearlie Mae Lee. He graduated from North Carolina Central University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Biology and a Minor in Physical Science. Dr. Lee received a Master’s degree in Elementary Education from Southern Connecticut State University and a Doctorate in Higher Education and Administration from Nova Southeastern University.

Dr. Lee married Hilda Worthington in 1965. They have three children and two grandchildren.  Dr. and Mrs. Lee lived in New Haven, Connecticut for many years.During his tenure, Dr. Lee was a high school teacher, head chemist, education trainer, entrepreneur, and served on the Connecticut State Police Force. When Dr. Lee and his family moved back to North Carolina and he was hired as an Assistant Principal at Rosewood School.Throughout his fruitful career, Dr. Lee has served as principal, Assistant Superintendent of Jones County Schools, selected for round-table discussions on education in Beijing, China, received a certificate from the Principal’s  Center at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and served as Director of Middle Schools, Staff Development and Accountability at the Wayne County Schools Central Office. Dr. Lee retired from his long career in education in 2003.

Dr. Lee accepted Christ to be his personal Lord and Savior in November 1976, under the leadership of Bishop William M. Philpot and Christ Chapel New Testament Church in New Haven, Connecticut.  The Lord called Dr. Lee back to North Carolina to begin his grassroots ministry.  He began teaching bible study in his home and then God opened a door for him to teach at St. Mark FWB Church and Payne’s Temple in Mount. Olive.  

God called Dr. Lee into the ministry November 1978.  Thereafter, he evangelized from 1978 to 1984 and in 1985 God blessed Dr. Lee to become Pastor and Overseer of Evangelical Fellowship Center in Mount Olive, North Carolina.  He is also the Overseer of Everready Full Gospel Tabernacle in Warsaw, NC.

Dr. Lee continues to preach the importance of being born again and having a personal relationship with God through fasting, praying and reading His Word.  God has used Dr. Lee mightily throughout the years.  Under his ministry God has open blinded eyes, caused the lame to walk, removed tumors and cancers and the best is yet to come!

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